Around the World Travels: Jessica Alba and family in Kyoto

We love to hear travel stories from families around the world.   Jessica Alba recently traveled with her family to Kyoto.  We love that she chose to wear Baby Haven in a Belle Baby Carrier.  Read about her Kyoto travels, recommendations, and check out the great photos:


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Belle Wins Best Baby Carrier in 2012 Eco-Excellence Awards!

We are THRILLED to announce that Belle has been voted Best Baby Carrier in the 2012 Eco-Excellence Awards presented by Natural Child World magazine.  As a special thank you to our fans and customers, we are running a limited-time SPECIAL:

Take 20% OFF + get Free Shipping when you place an online order!

Use Promo Code thankyou at checkout ~ promotion expires 07/31/12!

Please see our Press Release below announcing this great honor…

Belle Baby Carriers Voted Best Baby Carrier in Natural Child World’s 2012 Eco-Excellence Awards

June 12, 2012- (Boulder, CO) Belle Baby Carriers, the premier brand of stylish and eco-friendly baby carriers, has been voted Best Baby Carrier in the 2012 Eco-Excellence Awards presented by Natural Child World magazine. Belle’s ergonomic, “direct contact” design promotes parent-baby bonding and enhances baby’s development. Studies have shown that babies who are worn by their mothers and fathers become more attached, and as a result they cry less and learn more.

Belle’s current 2012 product line consists of the beautiful award-winning Organic Collection, featuring 100% certified organic cotton and organic hemp blended fabrics. The Classic Collection is made of all-natural cotton and polyester micro-suede. All of Belle’s carriers feature a super-soft, plush liner and come with a detachable head support panel, offering optimal comfort for both baby and parent.

“We cater to active, eco-minded parents who do not want to sacrifice their sense of style,” says Juli Pearce, owner of Belle Baby Carriers. “From the outdoor minded mom who hikes the mountaintrails, to the urban father who walks to the local coffee shop every day, our streamlined design and contemporary style make it a must-have for today’s active parents.” Indeed, some of Hollywood’s most fashionable moms – including Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and Bethenny Frankel – are among Belle’s biggest fans.

Building on its strong foundation, Belle will be introducing a new carrier later this year. Belle’s award-winning carriers are sold in retail stores across the country and online. For more information or to shop Belle’s current product line, visit http://

About Belle
Belle Baby Carriers is based in Boulder, Colorado and is the #1 choice for today’s active families. Belle is part of a new generation of businesses committed to supporting the U.S. economy and natural resource sustainability. Belle’s entire product line is made in the USA with careful oversight to ensure the highest standard of quality. For more information, visit



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Belle Baby Carriers arrive at Manjushree Orphanage in Tawang

Belle Baby Carriers was thrilled to donate baby carriers to the Manjushree Orphanage in Tawang.  Tawang is located in the restricted region of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeastern India. It  is home to 40,000 Monpa people who are Tibetan by birth. This is a protected enclave where Tibetan culture thrives and the language perseveres.  There are about 200 children that now live at the orphanage.  Thank you to my friend, Stephanie, and all the others that were on this medical mission and delivered the Belle Baby Carriers.

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Memorial Day Weekend SALE

Happy Memorial Day!

Belle Baby Carriers wishes all of you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I know that along with being thankful for all of our troops that serve this country, I also look for great sales during this weekend. So we have one for you….

In celebration of Memorial Day, we are offering 20% off plus free shipping when you purchase any of our carriers on our website until midnight Monday night.

Use code: memorialday20

Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

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Belle Baby Carriers – Finalist 2012 Natural Child World Excellence Awards

We are honored to have been chosen as a finalist for 2012 Natural Child World Excellence Awards.  

We would love to have your vote.  Vote for Belle Baby Carriers and be entered to win a fun, family friendly eco-vacation.  Only one day left.

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Celebrities and Baby Carriers

Celebrities are stepping out in various baby carriers these days.  We are thrilled that it has become so chic to wear your baby.  There are so many benefits to babywearing.   Selma Blair is the most recent celebrity to use a Belle Baby Carrier with her little one, Arthur!   Selma has many photos on her blog,,  and here is one of my personal favorites: 

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Traveling With Baby

During my first solo trip to visit family with my three month old baby in tow, I spent days planning for our time in the airport and on the plane. Stroller? Check. Extra clothes? Check. A week’s worth of diapers in case of extensive delays? Double check. We went off to the airport fully prepared — until we hit security. According to TSA guidelines “all child-related equipment that will fit through the X-ray machine must go through the X-ray machine.” I knew that heading to the airport, but didn’t think twice about it because I thought my stroller was easy to open and close. That was until I tried to balance my baby in one arm and close the stroller and lift it onto the conveyor belt with one hand. I learned that passengers in line are quick to complain, but not quick to help. Our first stop past the ticket counter and I was already wishing we hadn’t booked this trip.

A Belle Baby Carrier would have solved my problems. Not only could I have skipped the stroller altogether and sailed through security without the dirty looks, but I could have navigated the complex airport hallways with ease, winding in and out of passengers and taking the escalator and stairs instead of seeking out elevators. I wouldn’t have had to set my screaming infant on the narrow seat of the plane while trying to shove my carry-on into the overhead bin or drop ice all over my lap as I tried to enjoy my complimentary beverage and those delicious cinnamon cookies while balancing a wiggling infant.

A Belle Baby Carrier would have kept my infant calm and close to me during random turbulence instead of incurring the icy stares and groans of passengers around me as the sudden movements and altitude changes scared him out of his sleep. Feeding could have been done more modestly and safely, instead of unintentionally flashing and jabbing my seatmates as I got the baby into position.

Traveling with an infant is a stressful experience. Decrease the stress by giving yourself hands to carry luggage and enjoy other activities while your baby stays calm and comfortable in a Belle Baby Carrier. While they will not solve all of the problems or stress, baby carriers have the potential to make traveling with an infant feel like a breeze.

Thank you to Stacy Z – our contributing author this week.

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Cuddly Hormones

Here at Belle we know there are a zillion great reasons for wearing your baby.  The most obvious advantages to baby-wearing is the ability to multitask.  Wear your baby while you make some lunch or write that overdue blog post while your little one sleeps and nuzzles against your chest. You can easily kiss your infant’s head while doing some much needed holiday shopping.

However, did you know that consistently carrying your baby can stimulate the hormone Oxytocin? Oxytocin is a hormone developed in the brain, which in addition to stimulating birth and labor as well as milk letdown in breast feeding mothers, creates a sense of well-being and a strong reduction in anxiety. Studies even show that the production of Oxytocin plays a role in establishing maternal behavior, aids in attachment and bonding, and can even stimulate wound healing. Oxytocin sounds like a mommy miracle hormone.

In essence wearing your baby does more than free up your hands to write that Thank You note for your new Belle Baby Carrier you got for Christmas. Baby-wearing brings you closer to your little love by building a stronger maternal bond while stimulating an enhanced sense of calm and security.

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Belle Baby Carriers Offers A Little Holiday Cheer

As a mom of three, I know this time of year can get pretty crazy. So those of us here at Belle would like to offer a little help with your holiday shopping.  Looking for the perfect gift for the new mom or dad, grandparent or expecting mom? Look no further – Belle Baby Carriers offers easy to use and stylish baby carriers.  We would like to offer you 25% off all of our baby carriers through Monday, December 19th @ 12pm MTN.  We will even guarantee delivery by Friday, December 23rd, if your order is placed by then.  Use code “holidaycheer” at checkout.

Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!

All the Best to you and your family this holiday season and in 2012!

The Belle Team


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Belle Baby Carriers – Top Finisher in Red-Tricyle’s Totally Awesome Awards

Thank you to all of you that supported Belle Baby Carriers in the Red-Tricyle awards, and voted Belle as one of the top baby carriers in the Kid Carriers and Slings category. The results in order of placement:

  1.   Piggy Baby Rider
  2.   Baby K’Tan
  3.   Ergo Baby Carrier
  4.   Belle Baby Carriers
  5.   Catbird Baby
  6.   Moby Wrap
  7.   Beco Baby Carrier
  8.   Boba Baby Carrier
  9.   Kokopax
  10.   Baby Bjorn

Thanks Again!  Look for our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday baby carrier special.


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